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The proven solution for fatigue support is Corvalen®

Countless people suffer from fatigue. For many, this can leave sufferers feeling exhausted, sore and physically drained. This can be debilitating and seriously reduce core energy levels. Energy depletion unleashes a cascade of cellular reactions that contributes to fatigue and muscle soreness. When muscle tissue depletes its energy stores it causes them to become stiff and tense, putting even more pressure on cellular energy reserves. This causes calcium retention in the cell that forces potassium to activate pain receptors, which contribute to muscle pain and a reduction in exercise tolerance. Pain and soreness can further exacerbates muscle tension, using even more ATP. By fueling ATP synthesis, and restoring the cellular energy charge, D -Ribose helps reverse this energy depletion-pain cycle, reducing muscle pain, overcoming fatigue, and enhancing quality of life.

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