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Negative Glycemic Response

Although ribose is a sugar, it is dramatically different from other sugars, such as glucose, fructose, and sucrose. Although the body uses sugars to fuel ATP turnover, ribose is metabolized differently. The body saves ribose for the important work of synthesizing energy substrates. While other sugars increase blood glucose levels, stimulate large spikes in insulin secretion, and hasten cellular fat deposition, ribose does not. Taken alone, ribose actually causes a small, transient decrease in blood sugar levels. When taken with other carbohydrates ribose helps modulate blood sugar spiking.

Corvalen Energy Resynthesis

Corvalen Supports ventilatory and physical function for heart health

Corvalen® administration accelerates ATP synthesis, helping supply the crucial energy reserves needed to preserve cardiovascular health and wellness or recover from hypoxic insult. 22 – 31 Clinical data shows that D – Ribose supplementation can increase the heart’s hypoxic threshold, 31 support diastolic heart function, increase exercise tolerance and quality of life, and restore oxygen utilization in certain individuals. 32–33 increase exercise tolerance and quality of life in heart patients, 22–31 and restore oxygen utilization efficiency. 35 Metabolic stress depletes cellular energy reserves Corvalen® availability regulates the synthesis and salvage of adenine nucleotides and restores cellular energy.

Corvalen charts show efficiency and improvement of heart hypoxic threshold and quality of life

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